hand protection

Latex Powdered Medical Gloves

    • Powdered examination gloves are manufactured from premium quality natural rubber latex. They are engineered to provide reliable, durable, and comfortable wear. 100pcs Packet.

    • Non-sterile & Ambidextrous

    • Packet of 100 pieces available in small and large sizes

    • CE Rated

    • Available in Medium and Large

Blue nitrile powdered gloves

    • Provides a chemical and puncture resistance

    • Available in blue and white 100pairs, medium, small and large

    • Blue Nitrile

    • Powder Free

Latex, slightly powdered, non sterile gloves

    • Available in medium, small and large.
    • Designed to be used by left handed and right handed people with equal ease.

    • Non sterile

    • Lightly powered

    • Single use

Latex, powder free gloves

    • Available in medium, small, large.
    • Single use

    • Non sterile

    • Textured

    • Powder Free

Surgical gloves

    • Textured pre powdered rubber latex 1 pair - available in a 5 box size 7.5 and 8
    • Sterilized by ethylene oxide

    • Sterile until package is open

    • Micro rough finish, curved fingers, anatomic shape

    • White natural rubber latex

Cut Resistant Gloves

    • Dexterity and flexibility
    • High cut protection and abrasion level
    • PU coated -oil environments
    • Automotive, glass, metal and steel industry                                  
Nitrile Gloves

    • Chemical resistance, food handling
    • Cotton flocking reduces sweating of user
    • Superior snag, puncture and puncture protection
    • Oil, Petroleum, Solvents, Agriculture, Chemical industries
PVC Gloves

    • Red PVC gauntlet for liquid protection
    • Fully coated, fully lined.
    • Chemical, oil and solvent protection
    • Sewage handling, Janitorial works, Agriculture, Floriculture, chemical processing
Diamond Grip Gloves

    • Breathable knitted back prevents sweating
    • Latex rubber coating for grip
    • Normal handling work glove
    • Warehouse, shop floor, site use
Rubber Gloves

    • Heavy duty
    • Inner lining for comfort
    • Cleaning, Chemical, Oil and Maintenance
    • Comes in 14 and 18 inches
Thermal Gloves

    • Thick latex palm coating
    • Thick thermal knit
    • Cool room food storage
Rigger Gloves

    • Leather on palm, thumb, fingers
    • Leather on palm, thumb, first finger and knuckles
    • Use in warehousing, contsruction, transport , loading
    • Normal or re-inforced
    • Elastic cuff
    • irst finger and knuckles
    • Use in warehousing, contsruction, transport , loading
    • Normal or re-inforced
    • Elastic cuff
Leather Gloves

    • Protection from sparks and heat
    • Short or long cuff
Welding Gloves

    • Fully lined.
    • Outer uniform leather
    • Protection from heat, flames and sparks
    • Used for welding
Cotton Knitted Gloves

    • Plain or dotted
    • Flexible and comfortable
    • Use in Assembly, Warehousing, Gardening, production and Maintenance
Disposable Gloves

    • Nitrile
    • Latex
    • Examination gloves
    • Powdered or powder free
    • Medical, Food and Hospiality industries
Heat Resistant Glove

    • Leather back
    • Aluminized front for heat protection
    • For Masonary, Electric works and Metal industry
Riders Glove

    • Lined for warmth and comform
    • Both short and long
    • Waterproof out leather for rainy seasons
Drivers Gloves

    • Fleece lining keeps user warm and comfortable
    • Elasticated back for fit